Wangcang County Sichuan: Build up the Largest Yellow Tea Production Base in China

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Wangcang County Sichuan: Build up the Largest Yellow Tea Production Base in China

Airscape of Micang Mountain Tea Garden in Spring (Jiapu Chen Photography).俯瞰春意盎然的米仓山茶园。 陈加普 摄
本网讯  近日,在中国•旺苍第十二届米仓山采茶节开幕上,中国茶叶流通协会授予四川省广元市旺苍县“特色黄茶之乡”称号。
Net Report.  Recently, in China - Wangcang twelfth Micang Mountain Tea Festival opening ceremony, China Tea Circulation Association awarded Wangcang County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, "Characteristic Yellow Yea Township" title.

Early morning in the tea garden of Micang Mountain in Wangcang County ( Bo Gao Photography).旺苍县米仓山茶园的清晨 。高菠 摄
"Wangcang, as one of the key tea-producing counties in Sichuan Province, has a long history of tea production and excellent ecological environment. Micang Mountain tea and Guangyuan yellow tea are known nationwide for their excellent quality." Wang Qing, chairman of the China Tea Circulation Association and director of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee, said that in recent years, Wangcang County, based on the unique ecological resource advantages and good industrial development foundation, actively explores effective ways of differentiated development, carefully introduces and breeds tea and continue to cultivate the tea industry. This county continues to write a new legend of "One leaf makes people rich."

Popular Guangyuan Yellow Tea among Customers (Provided by Wangcang County Media Center )深受广大顾客喜爱的广元黄茶。旺苍县融媒体中心 供图
It is reported that Wangcang County is located in the northern edge of the Sichuan basin, the southern foot of the Micang Mountains, known as the hometown of Chinese tea and "Characteristic Yellow Tea Township". As well, the county has won the first batch of organic product certification demonstration counties, the province's modern agriculture (tea) industry base strong county, northeast Sichuan high-quality selenium-rich zinc tea production area, Sichuan tea industry top ten counties. In 2021, the county tea comprehensive output value exceeded 3.837 billion yuan.

Wangcang County awarded by Characteristic Yellow Yea Township (Biao Tang Photography). 旺苍县被授予“特色黄茶之乡”。唐彪 摄
"This year, the temperature warms up slowly. Therefore, the tea processing enterprises and tea farmers eagerly await. With the rise in temperature, they wait for the first handful of bud tea mining eventually." The general manager of Wangcang Mumen tea company, Tan Bo said this year's yellow tea fresh leaves started at 300 yuan a pound. Although the temperature warmed up slowly, the quality of fresh leaves, more production and tea farmers harvest was expected.
Secretary Zhang Quanxing of Sanhe Village Branch, Mumen Town, said that, in 2014, the villagers reclaimed this entire mountain. Now, they have reclaimed more than 300 acres of yellow tea production base. The output of finished yellow tea a catty can be sold for 6000-8800 yuan, which has become a land full of gold treasure.
" How much is a catty of wang tea yellow tea?" At the opening ceremony of the tea festival, the participants showed deep interest in Wangcang yellow tea, which has stood out in the past two years. Wang tea yellow tea as Sichuan tea in the "rich and handsome", although named yellow tea, is a green tea, known as "yellow one". Because it is rich in amino acids, lutein and other nutrients, color, flavor and shape are good. Due to the small production and small quantities put into the market, the best quality can be sold to nearly 10,000 yuan, known as "gold tea".
In recent years, Wangcang always takes tea as the most advantageous and the most potential leading agricultural industry to grasp. The introduction of the "1 + 3" modern agricultural industry system , support the tea industry "15" and other policy measures expand the quality of Mumen red tea township, Gao Yang tribute tea of the township, Wuquandao tea township, Longchi yellow tea township, Zao Lin bamboo tea township, big two ancient tea township "six tea township", which strongly promote the 10 billion tea industry "General Assembly war", tea garden area of 237,000 mu (41,000 mu of yellow tea) and build the country's largest yellow tea production base.
According to the relevant person in charge of the county, in 2022, the county will strive to reach 50,000 acres of yellow tea planting area. At the end of " Fourteenth Five-Year Plan " , the comprehensive output value of tea reached more than 12 billion yuan and build yellow tea industry strong county.
With spring tea fragrance, tea farmers smile. Tea planting has brought Wangcang County people confidence to get rich. Small tea raises a large industry, which brings a new green hope to the revitalization of the countryside. (Zhou Jun)



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