China's 40th Antarctic research expedition team sets sail to build new base

source:   Time:2023-11-01 17:50:08

(ECNS) -- A Chinese team consisting of more than 460 researchers from over 80 domestic institutions embarked on the 40th Antarctic research expedition on Wednesday, which will last for more than five months.

The expedition will build a new Antarctic station near the Ross Sea, which will be the fifth research station in the Antarctic region, the third permanent one after Great Wall station and Zhongshan station, and also the first dedicated to the Pacific sector.

The new base is expected to accommodate 80 summer and 30 winter inspectors, who will carry out multi-layer, multi-disciplinary observational and scientific research work including the atmospheric environment, marine basic environment, and biological ecology.

The expedition will also conduct surveys on the influence of climate change on the Antarctic ecosystem and carry out international cooperation and

The expedition team is being led by three ships, including Xuelong and Xuelong 2 which set sail from Shanghai, responsible for scientific research, carrying researchers and delivering basic supplies. It also includes the cargo ship Tianhui, which departed from Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu Province, taking charge of transporting construction materials for the new research station.




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