The "six batches" project in Wuhou District attracts high quality and efficiency to help the successful implementation of Beijing Huakong Intelligent Processing Industry Equipment Smart Brain Project

source: 英国富中传媒   Time:2024-07-01 13:58:49

Recently, the Beijing Huakong Intelligent Industrial Equipment Smart Brain Project, a highly anticipated initiative, was successfully inaugurated in Chengdu's Wuhou District, marking another significant milestone in the district's "Six Batches" demonstration project roster. In 2024, under the auspices of the district's party committee and government, the Yuehu New Materials Science and Technology Center, Wangjiang Road Street, and the Wufa Fund Company have diligently executed Chengdu's strategic directives for industrial clustering and chain strengthening. By championing the "chain leader initiative," and in collaboration with pertinent district-level departments, the project's establishment was realized. This venture's seamless integration significantly enhances the microwave RF industry chain, propelling Wuhou towards becoming a frontrunner in the high-quality evolution of the microwave RF sector, thereby energizing its trajectory.

Beijing Huakong Zhijia Technology Co., Ltd., distinguished as a specialized, precise, and innovative enterprise in Beijing, is a joint venture meticulously crafted by Tsinghua University and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei National Technology Innovation Center, with a focus on the industrial internet and artificial intelligence sectors. This venture has chosen the National University Science and Technology Park at Sichuan University for its location, establishing a regional headquarters for the Southwest as well as a center for sales and after-sales services. It aims to invest in and develop an intelligent industrial equipment brain project based on machine voiceprint technology, alongside the development of industrial interconnection systems for large-scale machinery. This project plays a pivotal role in facilitating the smart digital transformation of traditional industrial enterprises and production landscapes in Chengdu, driving the shift towards intelligent digitalization. Furthermore, it fosters the aggregation of elite artificial intelligence industry talents, spearheaded by eminent professors from prestigious institutions such as Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Fostering investment to alleviate corporate financing challenges

In the course of attracting projects, the Yuehu New Materials Science and Technology Center swiftly identified the financing interests of businesses. Collaborating with Wangjiang Road Street and the Wufa Fund, they embarked on a mission to Beijing to promote the local business climate. Together, they explored strategies for investment attraction and, in parallel, worked with the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Investment Group to assess the project. At the nascent stages of project recruitment, they ensured the timely and effective engagement of industrial funds, streamlining the project approval and investment decision processes. This initiative facilitated the involvement of the Wufa Science and Technology Innovation Fund in investing in Beijing Huakong Zhijia Technology Co., Ltd., harnessing the synergistic efforts of investment bodies to successfully secure the project’s establishment in Wuhou.

Efficient services garnering complete trust from enterprises

To guarantee the seamless settlement and operation of businesses, the Yuehu New Materials Science and Technology Center, alongside Wangjiang Road Street, proactively offered comprehensive agency services to enterprises. They coordinated with the district's administrative approval bureau to aid companies in locating office spaces and preparing necessary approval documents, significantly reducing the bureaucratic process for businesses. The registration and subsequent capital increase for the Sichuan company were both accomplished within a single day, an efficient workflow that has earned the enterprise's full endorsement.

Implementing various strategies to effectively foster enterprise growth in Chengdu

Moreover, the Yuehu New Materials Science and Technology Center meticulously analyzed the enterprise's background and the criteria for recognizing significant industrial projects in Chengdu. It actively facilitated due diligence investigations of the project by city and district funds and coordinated with the enterprise to increase its registered capital to 20 million yuan to fulfill the application criteria for significant industrial projects at the financial city level. Additionally, it efficiently arranged for the project's signing at the city-level major project centralized signing event. In March 2024, this project, as the sole representative from Wuhou District, was signed at the "Chengdu Q1 2024 Investment Attraction Major Project Centralized Signing Event." Furthermore, the enterprise was encouraged to participate in the 2024 "Rongpiao Cup" High-Level Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, where it achieved first place in the finals.

Looking ahead, the Yuehu New Materials Science and Technology Center will persist in delivering exemplary enterprise services, fostering the expansion and sustainable growth of businesses in Wuhou District, thereby contributing significantly to the regional economy. Simultaneously, it will continue to leverage Tsinghua University's channel resources, aiming to attract more elite talent teams for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Wuhou District, thus further energizing and enhancing the development of regional industries such as microwave and radio frequency.Contributed by Wuhou Yuehu New Materials Technology Center



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